Winger Slams EPL Officials

January 3, 2018

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has slammed Premier League referees with the aid of claiming they’re stuck within the Nineteen Fifties

In a lengthy blast at the game’s officials , Wenger additionally referred to as for the handball rule to be changed after the debatable late penalty conceded by way of Arsenal’s Calum Chambers in Sunday’s draw at West Bromwich Albion.

The Football Association has charged Wenger following his behavior within the referees’ changing room after that fit. Wenger pointedly stated Mike Dean “noticed what he desired to see” at the Hawthorns and believes referees in England need to sharpen up.

“For me, they have to serve the sport like we should serve the sport, and to try to provide positive emotions to folks that love soccer in the stand,” Wenger said. “It’s now not appropriate any greater, in 2018, that the man calls a player, speaks 1/2 a minute, or a minute to him, to mention, ‘Look, you have to behave nicely.’ That is gone. “

That is not the rhythm of a modern society. People need crisp, sharp motion, and the referee has to make certain that that occurs. “This is the Fifties, where the man talks to him — ‘If you’re no longer first-rate, I might punish you’. Come on, allow’s now not waste time. “What does it help for the game? Nothing. Nothing takes place. People who sit down inside the stand don’t need to peer that. “They want to peer, ‘Come on, let’s get on with it and play’. That’s our obligation. We don’t live in the dark ages

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